Friday, November 13, 2009

I've Decided

I sent the photo below to a couple of friends and they both said to use the picture above our fireplace which is in the TV room of our basement. I don't think much about decorating down there because there are no windows and the kids also use it as a play area. The mantle has been bare for most of the 3 years of living here except for Christmas when the kids put out our Christmas village pieces. So now I think I will re-think the decorating down there and maybe do an antique colonial style room or at least part of it like that since the other wall is floor to ceiling of hubby's books. It was also suggested that I darken the frame to prim it up a little so I will add that to the look. After Christmas I will scout out the TS and Goodwill for additional items that wall sconces and things. The pictures remind me very much of our old colonial home back in Winchendon, MA. I really miss that house. It was full of old features, 14 rooms with 7 fireplaces one that had a beehive oven built in. It was a 200 year old federal colonial home once on the town register for historic homes. Our whole family still misses living there. Oh, well maybe someday we will have a home very similar to that one or build one for our retirement. Then the grandchildren can come over and enjoy the space. But I'm a little too young for being a grandma just yet.

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