Friday, January 30, 2009

Distressed Wood

Okay, all you crafting, blogging buddies. I haven't done much with distressing wood but I'm thinking it can't be all that hard. I've been going in and out of some local craft stores and I see an item, look at the price, and think I could make this for much less for myself. I've done some painting on wood and slate - more of a country theme. So can someone tell me what supplies I need for "distressing" say a shelf or a wood bucket? I saw a nice wooden tray style basket (but made out of wood), with a handle, it was green and then had an aged look to it with some white paint - I'm guessing here. But it was way more than I would pay for something like that. Which got me to thinking how could I make it myself. I also saw how Leslie made that black candle wall sconce from something from the thrift store. So I want to know how to do that. Any pointers??

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What ya Working on? Jan 14th

Well it is Wednesday and I am working on this stitchery. When completed I plan to make it into a pillow.

I'm hoping to finish it while we are gone for a week to Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm bringing along some other stitcheries too. Some are simple sayings and others have a Christmas theme. Never too early to start on that, right? It gets so busy that time of year.

Anyway, if you want to join in the fun hop on over to Leslie's

Monday, January 12, 2009

Great giveaway!!

The above is a photo of what you will win by entering the contest over at Seasons of the Past

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good Finds!

I went out to Goodwill today and found these items at really good prices. Most of it was from the sale color they post each week.

I'm planning on taking the pictures out of the frames and changing their colors for some primitive stitcheries that I will be working on. Probably won't get them done for a few months though. I'm planning on the wooden candlestick being a make-do pumpkin or Christmas item, the little green can I'm going to put a snowman inside it, and the can that is already painted I think I will just put that in my flower garden this summer.

Any ideas on what I can do with the white candlestick? It is very heavy (I think cast iron that was painted) but because of it's weight I'm not sure what to use it for.

The little red stool I'm either going to repaint a different color and put in my flower garden too or I'll incorporate it into my Christmas decorating. Not sure yet on that one.

The snowflake luminary thing I'm going to spray paint white and go from there.

If you have any other thoughts I'd love to hear them. Ya know the great minds think alike philosophy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What ya Working on?

Today is my first time participating on the What ya working on meme that is hosted by Leslie at My Country Home. I haven't crafted in a while but I'm hoping to work it into life's busy schedule. I had to stop because we moved from the East coast to the Midwest so my DH could go to school. So we were living off of student loans and grants for a while. There was very little money to invest in selling crafts like I had in New England. So here is what I'm going to try to work on over the next couple of weeks. These are few prim dolls about 5" with dress. And off to the side is a small bunny that reads Hippity, Hoppity that I am thinking of using as a spring give away. Right now I'm still trying to finish putting away the Christmas decorations. It normally doesn't take this many days but my DH is now a pastor so life in the parsonage can be crazy with the extra phone calls, people stopping by, and church life. I'm really enjoying meeting new people by blogging and seeing all the wonderful things you all make. It is very motivating!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's in the Box??

You ask, "What's in the box?" This is the box that has traveled with me through countless moves. From New England, to Indiana, a few moves in Indiana, back to New England, then out to Wisconsin. This is a box of "unfishished items" that has been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for the past 3 years. Before that it was in a cardboard box stored somewhere in the house. My youngest two girls Annaliese and Natania have been asking me when am I going to finish those dolls, bunnies, snowmen, etc...hopefully soon, sometime in 2009.


Along with primitive things I also love americana items too. I've found some of these items at your typical store. But strangely enough I've also found some at yard sales and thrift stores such as Goodwill. The prim Raggedy swag I made myself during the years that I had booth space, about 10 years ago. I decided one day to keep it for myself. I had been spending so much time working on items to pay the rent, but I had nothing in my house for just me. So tell me what you think?

The pictures aren't that great. I'm hoping I can get a new camera sometime soon. This one has given me lots of trouble for years now.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2009 to all of you prim folks out there. Some of you had been followers and/or blog links on a different blog I have. I'm in the process of moving everyone who is a prim lover over to this blog instead. Blessings to all of you for 2009.