Sunday, October 25, 2009

So much crafting, so little time

I started working on some christmas items for our churches cookie walk and craft sale in the beginning of December. I'm curious to see if any primitive type items will be hot around here or not. I am hoping to mix it up some with some things that are grundgy prim and others that are less so. But just walking through the fabric stores makes me want to get back into all sorts of crafts like quilting. I made quilts for my kids beds many, many years ago but I would love some xmas quilts. I decorated our church basement for my daughter's 16th birhtday check out my other blog if you'd like to see pics at house of many blessings One of her sister's wanted to help and she was so fascinated by a self healing cutting mat and the rotary cutter. I love so many of the calico fabrics. I'm not sure where I will find the time to work on quilts, primitive items and my new thing which is stitcheries. That's why I say "so much crafting, so little time". Or maybe we should say "he who dies with the most primitives wins" (LOL) Happy crafting to all of you. It's the best time of year to work on things I think.

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  1. Walking through the fabric section is one of my downfalls! It's better than candy!

    Nice to see you again, Lisa! How's everything going?