Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Ya Working on Wed.

I started these a couple of weeks ago and just haven't had the time to finish them off into pillows. I've been thinking that maybe I will coffee stain them some and dry them in the oven before I sew on the border homespun fabrics. They are tea stained but they don't seem dark enough to me. It seems right now that I have too many un-finished projects. Hopefully I will find the time to get these done. Life can be so crazy around here with homeschooling 5 kids and taking my older ones to friends who live an hour away. I'm also sick right now and have very little energy today.

I think they will look nice when done. I have stitched the words "americana, simplify, primitives and folkart" on them.


  1. I like those special stitches! Great job!

  2. Nice stitcheries you're working on there. Please show us when the pillows are finished.

  3. That is going to look great when done.
    I hope you are feeling better soon!
    Running kids around is exhausting...I know just how you feel...I have 6, and they keep me busy too!
    Hang in there!

  4. Those stitcheries are great ! I look forward to seeing them when you make them into pillows. Have a great night!

  5. Great work :)

    Have a great night!


  6. Very nice, can't wait to see them when ya get 'em done!

    Have a wonderful day-Kath