Wednesday, February 25, 2009

House Hunting

We are starting the process of house hunting. We are looking to get into a larger community for me and the kids. Small town life has been very hard on us. We are figuring that DH can commute to the church. So far the elders have not had a problem with this idea. I'm hoping it stays that way because one person's idea of commuting is very different from anothers. And we are from the east coast where it is not uncommon to commute between 45min to an hour. We are taking a 2nd look on a great home tomorrow. It is a "fixer-upper" because on our little salary it was all we could qualify for. But the upside to that is I can decorate the way I want. I might even be able to snag a craft room out of the deal and then finally get to really participate in the "What ya working on" deal over at Leslie's. The house I would kind of call a cross between a victorian because it has 12foot ceilings and a colonial because it is square (at least the main part of the house)and then extends back. There is an offer on it already but we plan to try to counter offer and see what happens next. Wish me luck.


  1. Lisa! I pray that God leads you to a wonderful place for your family!


  2. Lisa, thanks for the update. Know that we are keeping your family in our prayers. Keep blogging, it helps to focus on the positive! And I like your pics!